Abdominal Fat Loss

Posted by: admin Post date: November 20th, 2009

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Abdominal Fat Loss – Why?

Need to lose Abdominal fat?

Abdominal fat loss can be achieved in many different ways. Which way best suits you?

Sometimes a simple change of diet will be enough.

Sometimes we may need help from a nutritional product, as well as a change of diet.

If we must lose fat then there will be a good reason for this.

Many people who are overweight, say that they don’t eat much!

Our problems often start with the food quality that we eat.

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The biggest problem is how we think about the food that we eat. Usually we don’t give it sufficient thought. Abdominal fat loss means we have to change what we are doing.

We assume that because our parents ate this way, that we can.

Wrong, they probably did far more exercise than we do today.

The food quality has changed over the years. And not for the better.

Years ago a burger, had far better quality, often the ingredeients were local produce.

Potato chips were cut from real potatos – they didn’t come in a large sack.

A salad was a real product grown locally.

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Fish was a local product.

Get the picture?

The world has changed – we have put on weight!

We are what we eat – have you heard that before.

It may not be our fault.

The question is – do you want to change it?

Are you willing to put in the effort necessary to change? Abdominal fat loss will require some effort!

We can all change our lives if we want too – the question is whether the want is strong enough.

Abdominal Fat Loss – How

The biggest problem is we usually have is how we think about abdominal fat loss.

If we don’t change how we think, then nothing is going to change.

Firstly we are where we are now because of how we think.

Yes and because of how we ate, but if we make no effort to change how we think – nothing is going to change.

You can do it the easy way – or you can do it the difficult way.

The easy way is simply to decide a change is in order and go for it.

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The difficult way is to carry on exactly as you are until you run up against a big health warning and have to change whether you like it or not.

Abdominal Fat Loss – An Easy Way

Now before we go any further – there are usually easy ways of doing things and difficult ways – so why not try the easy way.

We take the food chart that is recomended for someone suffering from Coeliac disease.

We take absolutely no notice of what they are not allowed to eat – because we need to be positive about our abdominal fat loss – we do not need the negative side of life.

We simply select what we would like to eat from this list

For example all fruit & vegetables, red meat, poultry & fish are gluten free. BUT, many sauces and mixes we use when we cook them aren’t. So, simple errors in the cooking process, we can make good quality food unsuitable for those who must eat gluten free.
The simpler we keep our food preparation, the less chance we have of introducing gluten into our food supply. A bonus is that we may well feel better simply by reducing complex processed foods that we would normally eat. Often the causes of overweight, etc lie here.
Sometimes we have to step well outside our comfort zone to get results.

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For many people it will be easier to work within some guidlines, to simplify the process, because the necessity of a gluten free diet can seem very difficult initially.

Some people can go on a gluten free diet for a year or so & then introduce some gluten back into their food supply. This won’t apply to the many people who can’t have any gluten in their food.

    Abdominal fat loss

can be achieved in many different ways, so select one that suits you and go for it!

List of Gluten Free Foods

Cereals, flours, cakes and biscuits      Arrowroot, buckwheat, corn/maize, potato flour, rice, rice bran, rice flour, sago, tapioca, soya, soya bran, soya flour.

Dairy products and eggs      Eggs, milk, cream, butter, cheese, curd cheese, coffee whiteners, soya products

Puddings      Tapioca, sago, rice, custard

Beverages      Tea, coffee, herb tea, fizzy drinks, fruit squash, cocoa, marmite, most alcoholic drinks.

Meat and poultry        All meat and poultry, unless with certain sauces or cooked with gluten containing foods

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Fruit and vegetables All fruits & vegetables, unless with certain sauces or cooked with gluten containing foods

Nuts, seeds & pulses      All, except certain brands of baked beans and beans with a gluten containing sauce

Preserves & confectionary      Jam, marmalade, sugar, honey, treacle, molasses, golden syrup, some brands of chocolate & sweets.

Soups and sauces      Gluten-free if thickened with a suitable flour. Many manufactured sauces, stock cubes, and soups contain gluten

Miscellaneous      Salt, pepper, vinegar, herbs and spices, tamari, yeast, most food colourings and essences.

Additional Abdominal Fat Loss Resources

The Body Fat Solution:

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